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To: Lovely vet-man Alex and everyone who cared for me at Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital.


I asked my human to type for me because my paws are a bit clumsy. I wanted to say a tiger-sized thankyou for taking such good care of me when I was really ill. My human was very worried that I had used up all my nine lives but, thanks to your amazing expertise, patience and kindness, I am making a good recovery; I celebrated my 8th birthday on Saturday with a few mouthfuls of fishy food and some Dreamies. I miaow and purr like I used to do.


My feeding tube doesn't bother me at all and the hole in my neck is doing just fine - I try to lie very still whilst my human fills me up with food and medication. My shaved parts are a little draughty but I am getting lots of brushing and pampering (I can actually wash myself now as I can reach my back legs) so I am feeling much better and look quite pretty. I do use my litter tray regularly in case you were wondering and my wee looks a normal colour. I went for a check up last Wednesday and had a vitamin B12 injection - I've got another one booked for Thursday.


Anyway, I love lying around in the back garden in the sunshine when my human lets me out, but I know she's watching me closely. Life is good right now and I am very, very grateful that you did what you did to help me. You are all terrific.


Yours purringly,



Just a quick note to register my thanks for the treatment my springer spaniel LuLu received at Rosemary Lodge earlier this week. What a lovely vet practice - very welcoming with friendly reception staff, I was even made a cup of coffee while I was waiting (I’m not good with names but I think this was Marie?). Alasdair and Alex were excellent, such speedy referrals and I appreciate the way in which things were explained to me. It has thankfully been a good outcome from Lu and a very positive experience, despite some worry. Big thank you to all involved.





Fernie reading email

“We had to rush our new born puppy in on 02.01.16 as she was born with her intestines out through her umbilical cord, the receptionist whom I spoke with was amazing, very quick & helpful. The vet, Jenny, was equally quick and prompt and operated on our puppy within 25 minutes of her being born! Within the hour she was home and suckling on her mum who I don't think had noticed she had gone let alone had surgery!!


Thank you to all of the staff that day for giving our puppy a chance.”



“After the drain was removed Chip was much more comfortable and began walking more.  The following week his staples were removed and again he seemed happier and is back to the bouncy Chip that we used to have!  He is healing well, appetite is good and he enjoys moderate exercise.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing the surgery.  I felt confident leaving Chip with you and I was impressed by the care he received.”




“Excellent staff at this surgery- always smiling, helpful and as you would expect fantastic with my pets.  There is plenty of space to sit and house your pets.”



“I took my 2 year-old granddaughter with us. Both receptionist and vet, the latter a young woman - great role model - bothered to explain to the (very impressed) child what was going on and make her welcome too.  They were busy, but did not make us feel rushed at any time.  The cat, a nervy animal, was calmed throughout by excellent treatment.  A delightful and friendly experience.”



Our pet dogs and cats have been looked after in an excellent way since September 1978 when we moved to Bath and found thus great practice. From March 1999 we transferred our pets to the same practices's Melksham branch when moved from Bath initially to Holt and then from November 2004 when we moved to Trowbridge. Over nearly 38 years we have been so lucky to have found this really great team of vets and reception staff.


Melksham Client

The staff at Chapel Vets are fantastic! They always do everything they possibly can and more for our rabbits and cats. I would always recommend this surgery to friends and family. Thank you so much for everything you do!


Melksham Client

Always friendly and helpful. Very thorough examination performed with care.


Saltford Surgery Client

My dog loves coming here all the staff are very friendly and helpful.


Client from Rosemary Lodge Client

Please express our thanks to all of the administrative and medical staff, who processed, treated and monitored our Millie.  My wife and I are extremely grateful for the professional responses when we had to bring in Millie, both as an emergency case and for after-hours treatment.


Mr Bedding

Dear Alisdair,


Just a quick note to thank you, and to tell you how Willow is doing since her surgery.  From a young age, Willy has isolated herself from the group, now she is integrated, not just with the other dogs, but with us, she still initially runs from me if I approach her but quickly returns.  She is sleeping with me again, and each morning pokes me until I pet her, including her head.  She is gaining confidence everyday, it is joyous to see her improve.


She tries to play with the smaller dogs, it is obvious she has missed this phase, she is so clumsy, but she enjoys it, and does no harm.  She has rapidly adapted to her deafness, so much so we swear she can still hear some sounds.  Apart from the benefits to Willy, you have reduced the scar tissue from her previous surgery, which makes petting her so much more pleasurable.  I can go on and on…….




The Blackallers